Jean Monnet Chair EXACT

EXACT - Explaining EU Action in Counter-Terrorism

A warm welcome to the homepage of EXACT, the Jean Monnet Chair of professor Florian Trauner at the Institute for European Studies of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).

EXACT (Explaining EU Action in Counter-Terrorism) provides research-led excellence in teaching and learning at the intersection of two fundamental areas of EU policy - the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (formerly known as Justice and Home Affairs) and EU counter-terrorism policy and law (also within the CFSP, notably in relation to counter-terrorist financing) - through an international cross-section of doctoral, post-graduate and graduate students.

“ The objective of the chair is to provide cutting-edge teaching and blended learning. We work towards the establishment of a fully online master programme on European and international governance - the first one in Belgium and one of the first in Europe. ”

Jean Monnet Chair Florian Trauner

On this website, more information is provided on the activities of EXACT. Check out its upcoming and past events here. I very much encourage you to join the public discussions in any of the upcoming events. You can sign up for invitations here. I also urge you to contact me in case any of the developed courses could fit your study programme. In the latter case, we can together establish whether the eligibility criteria for the courses are met – it would be excellent to have you take part!