About EuroSim

EuroSim is a Model European Union (MEU) event. It is an annual international, intercollegiate simulation of the European Union, bringing together 200 students and faculty from more than 20 colleges and universities in the United States and Europe, offering participants a unique opportunity to work and learn in an exciting multicultural environment. In addition, by bringing American and European students together, EuroSim provides students with first-hand experience in transatlantic relations. Each EuroSim event has a specific theme related to the real-world policy agenda of the EU, helping students to deepen their knowledge of the EU and hone their public speaking, negotiating, leadership and diplomatic skills. EuroSim takes place over four days with its location rotating among host institutions in Europe and North America.

EuroSim 2018 - Brussels

Between 4 and 7 January the Institute for European Studies hosted the 31st edition of EuroSim in Brussels. Participants were tasked with negotiating on a Commission proposal for a regulation on implementing an Entry-Exit System (EES) as part of its wider policy of border management in the EU. Negotiation sessions were complemented by a line-up of distinguished guest speakers: IES President Karel De Gucht delivered the opening keynote on the current and future challenges for the EU, Catherine Jasserand (University of Groningen) delivered a lecture on the legal and ethical issues raised by the collection and the further processing of biometric data, while Superintendent Kenneth Pennington (Royal Ulster Constabulary) discussed demilitarisation and border management, and the impact of Brexit on the Northern Ireland border.



Following the tremendous success of the 2018 edition in Brussels, IES’ EuroSim Coordinator Silviu Piros will assemble a delegation of 10 IES students to represent the institute at the 32nd EuroSim conference in Pittsford, New York, at the St. John Fisher College in March 2019.