Prof. Florian Trauner chairs the seventh edition of the ‘European Union in International Affairs’ (#EUIA21) conference. The EUIA podcast series explore different aspects of the EU’s international role and standing.'

Podcast 1: Ten Years of Research on the European External Action Service

On 1st December 2010, the European External Action Service (EEAS) was formally established. It was a landmark event for EU foreign policy-making. Its establishment was also followed with interest and curiosity by the academic community. A bit more than 10 years have now passed. It is a good moment to reflect upon our knowledge on the EEAS and its influence on EU foreign policy. What do we know about this institution and what are still unexplored avenues of research?

#EUIA21 Chair Florian Trauner welcomes a group of four distinguished scholars: Federica Bicchi (London School of Economics); Jozef Batora (Webster Vienna Private University and Comenius University);  Ben Tonra (University College Dublin); and  Ana Juncos (University of Bristol).

Podcast 2: The Cooperation Between the EU and West Africa on Migration: a Win-Win-Win Scenario?

West Africa has become a priority region for the EU in terms of external migration policy. With instruments such as the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, the EU has sought to proactively address the “root causes” of migration. At the same time, the Union has also called for negative conditionalities in case African governments refrain from cooperating on issues such as the return of irregular migrants. Can the EU’s enhanced engagement bring beneficial outcomes to the African countries of origin, the European countries of destination and the migrants themselves? How have the West African states reacted and adapted to the European migration agenda? 

#EUIA21 Chair Florian Trauner welcomes four forthcoming scholars: Melissa Mouthaan (University of Cambridge); Leonie Jegen (University of Amsterdam); Amanda Bisong (Free University of Amsterdam); and Omar N. Cham (Vrije Universiteit Brussel).