Selected Publications

The following is a selection of publications by Jean Monnet Chair Florian Trauner:

  • Trauner, Florian (2019): The UK’s future relationship with Europol – Understanding the Trade-Offs. In: Carrapico, Helena/Niehuss, Antonia/ and Berthelemy, Chloe (eds): Brexit and Internal Security. Political and Legal Concerns of the future UK-EU Relationship. Palgrave MacMillan, 80-82

  • Trauner, Florian and Ariadna Ripoll Servent (2019). Justice and Home Affairs in the European Union. In: Edward J. Mullen (ed.) Oxford Bibliographies in Social Work. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

  • Slominski, Peter/Florian Trauner (2018): How do member states return unwanted migrants? The strategic (non-)use of ‘Europe’ in the context of the migration crisis. In: Journal of Common Market Studies, 56 (1), 101-118.

Full list of publications


Research-led innovative teaching

The Institute for European Studies has a reputation of offering research-led innovative teaching. Jean Monnet Chair Florian Trauner is engaged in a number of ongoing research projects directly linked to the theme of counter-terrorism. An example is the MINDb4ACT project, which tries to solve limitations in conventional research methodologies through the Living Labs framework in which all stakeholders collaborate to co-design new practices to prevent violent extremisms addressing all dimension (security, political, societal and ethical). His involvement in these projects allows Prof Trauner to enrich the content and context of the courses he teaches, based on the latest findings in the projects concerned.